My Story and Idea…

Hello all, I thought it would be good to use this space to explain my background and where the idea for this blog came from. I graduated from Indiana University – Indianapolis School of Law on May 8, 2010. While I am fascinated by the law and the theories involved, my goal, since beginning my legal studies, has been to work in the National Football League. The problem associated with this goal is the fact that many people would love to work in the NFL and the number of applicants largely outnumbers the number of positions available.

A week ago, I had become tired of studying for the Bar Exam, which I take on July 27th and 28th. As a break from studying I decided to search the internet for “creative” ways to make my resume/cover letter stand out. I place creative in quotation marks because it is not too original of an idea if I find it on a search engine like Google. Realizing this, I started to try to find some ideas that I could use as a starting point for my own creative ideas.

One interesting idea I found was fairly simple. I read on one site that a hopeful applicant can help himself standout with a potential employer by hand delivering his resume. Reading this, I thought this would be a good idea to do with my resume and the Indianapolis Colts, since I live 10 minutes south of downtown Indianapolis. But then I started to think, “What if I could somehow deliver my resume to each team?” That is when I got the idea to drive across the country to each city in which an NFL franchise is located and to hand deliver my resume to each team.

Laying in bed that night my mind raced with new thoughts of how to make this crazy idea a reality. I decided I was going to do a few things:

  • Since I drive a Ford F-150 pickup truck, I would trade this in for an automobile that is more fuel-efficient
  • Plot out my trip on a map, including how many miles it will take me, how long it will take, and on what days I will be in each city
  • Send each team a letter detailing my plan, letting them know what day I will be arriving at their offices, and including a link to this blog
  • Finally, create a blog to help spread word of my idea not only to the local community, but also around the NFL community, and the communities in each city I visit.

Therefore, this blog was created as a way to document my journey and to hopefully allow NFL front offices to follow along as I chase down this goal!


19 Responses to My Story and Idea…

  1. Russ says:

    Great idea, Chris… it might be worthwhile not only notifying the NFL of your travel plans but also NFL films and local media of your efforts to pursue your passion. Someone may pick-up on it and get you some free publicity…I’ll ask others here about ways to finance your trip…

    • cmcgaha says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the ideas and the help! I was going to send email you the link but it looks like Mom beat me to it. Hope all is well!

  2. Meg says:

    AH…I feel like a jerk for having to run and not reading this whole thing before! I love this, you need to do it. Write about it and of course! you have a place to stay in San Fran when you get here! You know I did a mini road trip, and while short, was the best time of my life! I am so excited for you, keep me posted and let me know where you’re going. You really should start networking to see who you can crash with. You can mark San Fran off your list! WOO HOO!

  3. Janeen says:

    Chris, I think this is a great plan. I hope you get not one NFL team offer but all 32 make you a offer. One offer better then the next. You deserve the very best that life has to offer. GO FOR YOUR DREAM. You have family in Pgh. let us know if we can help out in any way. Make sure you keep us posted on everything that happens on this wonderful journey of yours and all of us that will follow you 🙂

  4. Whitney says:

    Hi Chris!

    Your blog is so exciting! I hope your trip to Cincinnati went well. I can wait to hear all about it & hang out tonight!

    Drive safe! 😀

  5. Tracey says:

    Go for it. I too have rather improbable dream that I am working towards. But are our dreams really improbable? I doubt it; it’s all in how you look at it : ) Also you are welcome to stay w/ me however in my dumb*** state (guess which one that would be – the one w/ the most idiotic politicians) we do not have a professional football team. Supposedly we share one. LOL How can two states really share a team when the stadium’s location is in one of them. You can’t. That’s okay we have the NCAA College Baseball World Series Champs here!!! Best of luck. You will get that dream job. I’m sure of it.

  6. Tolin says:

    These are the lengths many of us want to go thru to get that perfect job and have that perfect life that we all envisioned ourselves having when we were back in grade school and were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many of us said professional athlete, fireman, policeman and doctor. I am sure very few of us said Accountant, bank teller, or Hostess at Max and Erma’s, but that is what a majority of us are doing. It is nice and welcoming to see someone with a passion and an attitude of going out and getting exactly what they want. Good Luck and have a safe trip! Hopefully the Steelers are the first to call back!

    • cmcgaha says:

      Thanks for the support, Brian.
      No matter what the profession, I strongly believe that hard work will allow anyone to reach whatever goals they set. I’m just attempting to get my foot in whatever door may crack from this journey. Thanks for the support and I how the married life is treating you well!

      • Tolin says:

        The married life is great. We are really happy. Living in Cincinnati is not the best, but we manage. I, like you, would love to work for the NFL or MLB. I have 2 great opportunities here in Cincy with the Reds and Bengals, but from what I have heard I need a little more experience and certification (i.e. CPA license). I think any grade school, high school or college athlete has a dream of working in the big time with the big franchise. Best of luck on your journey and let me know how your meeting with the Chiefs goes!

      • cmcgaha says:

        Will do, I’ll make sure to give a tomahawk chop for ya!

  7. Geoff says:

    I think it’s a great idea as well, Chris. So many people discount hopes and dreams and later think back about what could have been with only regret. I hope it works out for the best for you. Even if it doesn’t, you won’t have a regret, you’ll have an experience. A unique and enlightening experience.
    Take care, man, and keep it between the lines.

    • cmcgaha says:

      Thanks so much for the comments! It is only the end of the second week and I already have some amazing stories. I am excited to see what will happen when I begin the head west. One of the best experiences yet took place today when I visited the Miami Dolphins. Check out the latest blog post for all the details! Great to hear from you, hope things are great!

  8. Dan says:

    Chris, I do not know who you are, but you’re an inspiration. Most people grew up thinking “I want to be a …,” but never followed our dreams. Good luck. One thing I’ll point out is you misspelled employed in your mission statement “My cross-country journey to becoming employeed in an NFL Front Office position.”

    • cmcgaha says:

      Thanks a lot for the support and also proof reading! I’m always open to any type of help or idea. It means a lot to hear that I can be an inspiration to someone. Although I never considered inspiring others, it only adds to my experience. Take care!

  9. Ty says:

    Hey Chris – I found your blog on hotclicks, and I’ve got to say this is a very cool thing. Way to go out and work for the job you want. I hope all the effort pays off for you. If nothing else, you’re an inspiration and a reminder that the American dream is within everyone’s grasp with a little effort. Good luck!!

    • cmcgaha says:

      Thank you! As I’ve mentioned a few times in my previous posts, hard work can only lead to positive results. I very much appreciate the support! It means a lot to me that you would take the time to provide such a nice comment.

  10. Ashley Ripperger says:


    I am so proud of you, this is such an awesome idea!!! I wish you the best of luck in your journey and I am sure you will find a great opportunity!

    Good Luck!
    Ashley Rip

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