Day 23 and 24: Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears

These two stops mark the last two stops on my trip before I head back home to Indianapolis. It is a little hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since this all began. Overall, it has gone quick, but there were some days/nights that I doubted I’d ever make it back to Indy in one piece. My last week ended great!

Minnesota Vikings: The meeting I had scheduled with the Minnesota Vikings was one of a kind. To call it a meeting would not be correct. I actually had an interview with Lisa, the Director of Human Resources. I went into the “meeting” thinking it would be more on the informal side, but I was happily surprised when she began asking me about my resume and future aspirations. It was only fitting that my second-to-last stop would be more along the lines of an interview. 

I was told that the Vikings were fully staffed, but that they did offer legal internships for a person seeking an entry-level position, such as myself. Not only did I learn about the positions offered by the Vikings, Lisa was also kind enough to share an enormous amount of advice and ideas for my future pursuits. We discussed the reality of working in the NFL, i.e. the long hours and demands, and the enormous odds that one faces in attempting to be a General Manager. However, Lisa did use the word “shot,” as in “I would say there is a shot,” when describing my personal odds of reaching such a tough goal. With so many variables that have to all come together to be named as the General Manager of an NFL franchise, that my goal was not completely dismissed was motivation to continue to keep working towards it.

My meeting with Lisa lasted about 30-40 minutes and then I was back in my car to make the 7-hour trip to Chicago. When I sat into my car I felt excited, but I also felt overwhelmed, again, with the unknown of my future. Additionally, I am just about exhausted from the travels and the idea of driving 7 hours only made me feel even more tired. However, I was excited to see some good friends in Chicago, so I pushed on and made it to the Windy City just in time to see the Vikings v. Saints kickoff (I’d be lying if I said I was not bias towards the Vikings winning after the meeting I’d just had earlier).

Chicago Bears: My 31st stop on my trip, and the last stop before I head back to Indianapolis, was with the Chicago Bears. I woke this morning feeling excited to see what was in store for me. During my telephone conversation a few days ago, I was told that I would not be able to meet with anyone. I was only going to be able to check in with security and then proceed to drop off my resume at the front desk. 

Unfortunately, I did not make it past the security check point. The gentleman was very nice and assured me my information would make it to the Director of Human Resources, but he said the do not allow anyone access without an appointment. Without an appoint, I was only able to leave my information with security.

During my conversation with the gentleman at security, I was told that people show up at the gate attempting to drop stuff off often. He said it was somewhat common for even players to stop and drop off films of themselves, in hopes of landing a roster position. Although my physical 6’3,” 185lb frame most likely most likely differs quite a bit from these hopeful players, I think I can relate to the hunger and determination they feel to break into the very difficult business. My stop with the Chicago Bears was short, but at least I had a pleasant conversation. 

My 32nd stop will be back in the great city of Indianapolis. I have yet to reach anyone with the Colts, but I plan to continue those efforts first thing Monday morning. I will keep the blog updated with information about a possible meeting with a representative of the Colts. 

Also, I am going to continue to update the blog with any future news that may be job related. I am not sure what employment I will have in the next few weeks/months, but I hope to find something that will give me experience that I can apply to an NFL position. I am not sure that the blog updates will be on a daily basis anymore, but I plan to update followers with any new news that comes along, no matter how small. There is an option at the bottom of the page that allows for one to give their email address and a notification will be sent when a new post is posted. This may be the most sensible option if one is still interested in following along, since I am not sure if I will have enough new news to suffice for daily updates. 

Thanks for all the support. Stay tuned for future and feel free to email me with any questions. My email address is

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