Day 22: The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers: Wednesday turned out to be one of the best days of my trip. I left Cedar Rapids, Iowa around 6:30am and headed towards Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was fortunate enough to schedule a brief meeting with Melissa, the HR Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. After our phone conversation, I was under the assumption that the meeting would be very brief and informal, a hand shake more or less. However, when I arrived to the Packers facilities, Melissa was kind enough to go above and beyond my expectations.

Once inside Lambeau Field, I made my way to the administrative offices and told the administrative assistant I was there to meet with Melissa. Melissa greeted me in the lobby area, then told me she had reserved a room for our informal discussion. Our conversation would last almost 30 minutes.

It was so beneficial to be able to sit down with someone in an HR Department and ask the questions that are tough to answer without an experts opinion. For example, I was unsure of when and how would be the best time/ways to make follow-up contact with these teams. Melissa was so hopeful in her advice and recommendations. We discussed many other topics and she gave me her honest opinion, without any “sugar-coating,” which I really appreciated.

We discussed how tough and competitive it is to get the type of job I was pursuing. She told me that a lot of the times it is a matter of meeting the right person and catching a break. It was good to hear this honest opinion, but at the same time it was somewhat of a reality check. I am always so grateful when I can sit down with a representative from an NFL team, but I usually leave the meeting feeling a bit overwhelmed by thinking of how far of a road I still have to go before I reach my goal. It is going to be a long and definitely winding road, and I know I am going to have to sacrifice so much. But, I am sure this is more than common for all people working in the NFL, and really any other job.

The main goal now is to just catch that first break. Once I can get my foot in the door, I know I can exceed expectations. I am just not sure how that break will come about. Melissa and I discussed other avenues that may be helpful to explore, such as working in Division I or II football and attempting to gain experience in that sense. Once I get back to Indianapolis, I will begin to broaden my areas, while at the same time still pursuing the internships that these teams may have available around February and March.

I could not have been more happy with my meeting in Green Bay. I was able to really get some great advice from an expert in the field. She reassured me that what I was doing was good and would work in my benefit. She also said she had never heard of anyone doing what I am doing. Those were both very inspirational things to hear.

I am hoping the meeting with the Minnesota Vikings goes much the same way. I am now at a Panera, just down the road from the Vikings facilities. I have a meeting scheduled with the Vikings at 9am and am very excited to see what it has in store.

After my meeting, I will be leaving Eden Prairie, Minnesota and headed to Chicago, Illinois. I will visit the Chicago Bears tomorrow and then my trip is just about wrapped up. I still have to visit with the Indianapolis Colts, but I was informed yesterday that they do not have an HR Department. So, I am trying to explore possible contacts with the Colts to try to schedule a meeting with a member of the Personnel Department. The nice thing about the Colts is that I am not under the tight time constraints as I am with these other teams. So, I have more options in scheduling a time to meet.

Take care. I’ll post the Vikings story this evening.

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