Day 21: St. Louis Rams – The Beginning of the End

St. Louis Rams: After a much-needed extended weekend, I began my Tuesday very excited to see how the last week would treat me. I only had a few stops left, and this last week was somewhat light in terms of driving and the number of teams I would be visiting, especially when compared to last week’s west coast leg of the trip.

First stop for my last week was with the St. Louis Rams. Heading to their facilities in Earth City, Missouri, I was a little unsure of the type of reception I would receive. I had attempted to get into contact with a representative for the Rams last week, leaving voicemails, but was not able to receive a return phone call. The trip was only about 20 minutes from where I had stayed Monday evening. Once pulling off the exit and driving past the facilities, I pulled into a parking lot to attempt to call someone again. When the administrative assistant answered the phone this time I explained what I was doing and hoped she could put me through to the right person.

She stated that “Kim” was who I needed to talk to, but once again I was only able to get connected with Kim’s voicemail message. I called the administrative assistant back and explained that I was not able to reach Kim. She stated I could bring my resume in through the double-glass doors and she could send it to Kim or she could attempt to try to call Kim again.

Therefore, I put together the packet which the St. Louis Rams would be receiving and headed inside. The administrative assistant, once again, attempted to reach Kim but this time she was on the phone. She told me she could pass it along to Kim. I did my best to emphasize why I was at the Rams facilities and the point of my overall trip. She then gave me a business card and assured me my information would reach Kim.

I was hopeful I would be able to have a little more success for the beginning of my last week. However, I was able to set up meetings with both the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Also, I may be receiving a little more media attention in the next few days. So, I guess all the excitement will be reserved for the end of Week 5.

I stayed the night in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last night. It is now 6am here and I am heading out the door, on my way to Green Bay Wisconsin. Stay tuned for details from my stop there!

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