Days 18 – 20: Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs

The end of Week 3 was met with the Labor Day weekend. My schedule had me visiting the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. However, I was going to find a few obstacles in my way.

Denver Broncos: Since I had arrived in Denver late Wednesday night, I was able to get up early and make my way to the Broncos facilities by 10am. My days seem to be very less hectic when I can wake up in the city of the team  I will be visiting that day, instead of having to try and make it to the team before they close for the day.

My stop with the Broncos was very quick because the Broncos played the Vikings on Thursday evening. Therefore, most of the entire organization was in Minnesota. I was able to speak with the nice people working at the front desk, who told me I unfortunately picked a bad day to visit the team. But it is important for me to stay on schedule, so showing up on a bad day is just the reality of the trip sometimes.

I was able to get a name and number to follow-up with, and I even asked if I could stop by early Friday morning. They told me I could attempt to call but they would be closing at noon for the holiday weekend. After thanking them for their help, I headed out and began contemplating whether I could maker it back in the morning.

To make it back to the Broncos on Friday, I’d have to push the Kansas City Chiefs visit back until after the Labor Day weekend. I realized this would throw off my entire schedule for Week 4, so I decided the best option would be to just follow-up to explain my trip and make sure they received my information. I stayed in Denver Thursday evening and then headed to Kansas City at 5am Friday morning.

Kansas City Chiefs: The drive from Denver to Kansas City was nine hours, plus I lost an hour on the time change. I called while on my way and was told I would not be able to meet with anyone, but I was welcomed to drop off my resume when I arrived. I was told that with the holiday weekend, it just was not going to be possible. Therefore, I quickly dropped it off, got a follow-up number, and headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I would be staying until Sunday afternoon.

My week ahead marks the fourth and final week of the trip. It includes visits to the Rams, Vikings, Packers, and Bears. Followed by a visit to the Colts the following Monday, the 13th. I hope to finish strong!

Thanks for the support!

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