Day 16: The Bay Area

As I write this post, I am sitting in a McDonald’s in Eugene, Oregon, a few feet from the University of Oregon. It is ironic that the Hilton Hotel that I paid $50 to stay in last night charges $10 a day for internet access, but wi-fi is free at any McDonald’s location. Being unemployed, obviously, and on a tight budget, I decided to find the nearest McDonald’s. But enough of the rant.

San Francisco 49ers: Yesterday made for an extremely long day. It was somewhat because of the distance of the drive and somewhat my fault. I climbed into my car at 8am in Half Moon Bay, California, just south of San Francisco. A friend and I went to a local restaurant and had breakfast and then I had to take him to the airport. After dropping him off, I headed to the San Francisco 49ers. During my phone conversation with the ‘Niners I was told the San Francisco 49ers organization really prefers that people upload their resumes online. However, the man working the desk was willing to take my hand delivered copy. I informed the man that not only was I dropping it off, but I would also submit a copy online, and send one to the Human Resources Representative in which he put me in contact with. My stop with the 49ers was short and sweet. The same could be said about my visit with the Oakland Raiders.

Oakland Raiders: It was a 45-minute drive from the 49ers to the Oakland Raiders. The woman working the desk informed me over the phone that the Raiders do not have an HR Department. Again, I could mail the resume to the Raiders or drop it off at the front desk. Of course, I chose the latter. Just as with the 49ers, the stop was quick. In both situations I explained my reason for the visit and hoped that the message would be passed along. It seems like a long shot at times, but these organizations are all close “families,” so I have faith that the word spreads around the office.

In both instances, the 49ers and the Raiders, I was able to get a name and phone number of the person in which I could follow-up with. This does not seem like much of a victory, but a lot of these organizations do not offer the option of calling someone to follow-up. So, I will take any small victory I can get.

At this point, it was about 1pm on the west coast. I had a 9-hour drive ahead of me before I would reach my next stop in Eugene, Oregon. As I headed from Oakland towards Oregon I decided to drive through downtown San Francisco. I thought the quick detour would be worth the view, since I did not know the next chance I would have to make it back to San Fransisco. However, the traffic and my decision to stop a couple of times to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge made this “quick” trip a little longer than I had planned. But the views were beautiful and the stop was a nice break from the “on-the-go” feeling I usually have during the week days.

I jumped back on the interstate and again headed towards Oregon. Again, my mind wondered a bit and I decided to stop off in Napa Valley for some more views/pictures. The site was like nothing I had seen before. But again, this trip took longer than I had planned. On my way out of Napa, I realized it was just under 5pm and I was now going to be stuck in rush-hour traffic. After this delay, I finally started to pick up some steam and make progress towards reaching my destination. But the delays put me very far behind and I did not reach Eugene until 3am. This is by far the latest I have drove in my entire trip and I was exhausted by the time my head hit the pillow. It was then an early morning, 8:15, as I began to prepare for my travels today.

My stops today include Seattle, to visit the Seahawks, and Boise, Idaho, which is my “half-way” point from Seattle to Denver. I will hopefully get to Boise earlier than I arrived in Eugene and can catch up on a little sleep tonight before finishing my trip to Denver on Wednesday.

Sorry if these posts are a little later in the day than in previous weeks. Thanks for all your support!

Until next time….

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