Day 15: Topping off a Great Week!

San Diego Chargers: The last day of Week 3 was the “cherry” on top of a very successful week. Through a family friend I was able to make a contact with a member of the San Diego Chargers. After speaking to the contact on Wednesday, I made an appointment to meet with him on Friday morning. I was looking forward to the chance to gain some advice and knowledge from an employee inside the business. The meeting was really going to work out well because the Chargers do not have an HR Department, so my chances of leaving an impression were going to be slim.

I arrived at the Chargers beautiful facilities a few minutes early and headed inside. After meeting my new contact, he showed me around the parts of the facilities that I was allowed to see. (The downstairs areas, where the players go to work, was off-limits). But, I was still able to see the practice fields, a few offices, and even the Draft Room, where team officials gather on Draft Day. I asked if it was the room that you see when the ESPN cameras “look into” the Draft Room, and he assured me that it was just that. I found it pretty cool to be in such an interesting place and immediately imagined myself sitting at that table some day.

After the tour, we sat down and discussed my trip and what I was intending to do. I told him the areas I was interested in working, personnel/team operations, and how the trip was an attempt to seperate myself from other applicants. He told me he thought it was a good idea and pointed out that it seemed to be working in that it helped me to schedule the very meeting we were having. The conversation went well and was very helpful. We discussed the way he gained employment coming out of college, an Indiana University graduate I might add. Also, we talked about ways for me to one day get an entry-level position. He noted the importance of making contacts, coupled with being in the right place at the right time, and catching a break. These things are all common in getting such a competitive position.

After our discussion, I was able to meet a few of his co-workers, as well. Each co-worker quickly asked of my trip and were interested in discussing how it was going. It seemed like word of my journey had spread around the office. At the end of our meeting, he then took a quick look at my resume/cover letter. He noticed that the cover letter was addressed to A.J. Smith, the General Manager of the San Diego Chargers, and then informed me that he would personally give my packet of information to Mr. Smith. This great gesture topped off the excitement that Week 3 brought. The travels to the San Diego Chargers were long, but being able to meet such a nice person and then him giving my information to Mr. Smith made all the miles well worth it. It was a true blessing to be treated so while at the San Diego Chargers.

My wonderful Week 3 saw me meeting with many great people in New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Arizona, and San Diego. Further, I was able to gain some national publicity by the mention of my blog on Finally, I was able to see some old friends and beautiful views while traveling from San Diego to San Francisco over the weekend.

I am now at a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, California and am about to head to the San Francisco 49ers, which facilities are just around the corner. After this, I will then visit the Oakland Raiders before driving to Eugene Oregon, where I will spend the night.

(Also, I left the cable that I use to upload pictures from my phone to my computer at a friends on Sunday. Check back tonight or tomorrow for some great pictures of the last few days. I will buy a new cable once I find a Verizon store.)

Thanks for all the support!!

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3 Responses to Day 15: Topping off a Great Week!

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey! Love the blog, following it since reading about it on hot clicks. Just wondering why you are choosing Eugene to stop for the night? I am a student at the U of O. Go Ducks!

    • cmcgaha says:

      Hey, Jeff! Thanks for following along! I am stopping in Eugene to sleep. I didn’t want to be diving too late and it was only a few hours from Seattle. Any recommendations on places to eat around U of O? Also, I’m a big fan of Coach Kelly and his coaching style/philosophies, so good luck this year!

  2. Jeff says:

    Should be a fun year! As for food, Glenwood is always a great bet. If you want to pay a bit more for an amazing meal, The Oregon Electric Station is can’t miss. And before you hit the road up north, you have HAVE to get breakfast at Brails, , voted best hangover cure in Eugene the last few years. Enjoy our town, should be nice and rainy for you! Haha

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