Day 14: The Arizona Cardinals


Hello again! Sorry for the delays but these drives are becoming longer and the time changes have thrown off my routine a bit. I an now in my third different time zone this week!

I woke up in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Thursday morning after an 11-hour drive from Dallas to Albuquerque the previous day. I awoke to many “good luck” texts, emails, and blog posts after the publicity. Many of these comments were from people I have never met from places all over the country.

After a 7.5-hour drive, I arrived in Tempe, Arizona. I had some hope of a good showing with the Arizona Cardinals after I was told that meeting someone in HR may be a possibility.

My initial conversation, after introducing myself,  with the Administrative Assistant, Cammie, went something like this:

Cammie – “Are you the guy driving across the country?”
Me – “Yea, that’s me!”
Cammie – ” Man, I hope you get a job from this”
Me – “Me too!”

Cammie then put a call into the HR Representative and said, “Hey, Chris McGaha is here. He is the guy I was telling you about that is driving from team to team to team. Do you think you could meet with him?” It sounded like I was going to have a chance of introducing myself! However, the HR Representative was just getting ready to enter a meeting with the Cardinals’ CFO. I think this meeting was a little more important than shaking my hand!

The stop with the Cardinals was productive though. The HR Representative made it a point to have Cammie tell me that she would give me a call. My 7.5-hour drive from Albuquerque to Tempe yielded me a phone call from a contact that could be influential in helping me

gain employment. I’m not sure this would have happened without my story and extra-ordinary efforts.

Leaving Tempe, I was faced with a 6-hour drive to San Diego, California. Although it was another long drive, I was excited for the meeting I had scheduled with the Chargers on Friday morning. It was going to be nice to network and hopefully make some new contacts.

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2 Responses to Day 14: The Arizona Cardinals

  1. Gurson says:

    Hey cross country travelor! I’m a little surprised Cammie didn’t just blow off the meeting with the CFO to see you…I mean you traveled across the country for goodness sake! I’m just kidding (bad joke, I know). Hopefully you will get a call back though and negotiate the next Matt Lienart trade for them. I know, probably not funny to the Cardinals. Anyways, hope your travels are safe and I’m sure you did well today in San Diego. I’m looking forward to hearing what happened. P.S. did you delete my last comment?
    Love the Gursons

    • cmcgaha says:

      Hey Ryno, thanks for the posts! No, I did not delete your last post, I just have to approve them before they are actually uploaded on the blog for all to see. I have not had the best internet reception the last two days, so I am just now getting to them. Anyways, good to hear from you again and I’ll be talking to ya soon!

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