Day 13: “America’s Team” and a Little National Publicity!

Dallas Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys are commonly called “America’s Team.” Well, today I had the honor of visiting the training facilities of the 5-time World Champions. The facilities are located in a unique place. One must travel through a neighborhood-type area to reach the drive to Cowboys Park. While driving through the neighborhood area, I found out first hand the importance of football in Texas as I drove past a highschool team practicing during school hours. I was told by a friend that this is normal and practice is treated as a “class” for the team (I’m talking full pads, running sprints at 9:30 in the morning).

Arriving at the Dallas Cowboys facilities, I was directed inside. I did not have high hopes of having any type of meeting with anyone after I was told on the phone that a meeting was just not physically possible. I was told that the HR staff, or at least the hiring part of the staff, only has three employees and to meet with everyone who came to the facilities would be a full-time job in itself. After a very pleasant discussion with the administrative assistant, Jeanette, I headed to the dry cleaner and Firestone for an oil change. This would mark the first time I have had my dress shirts cleaned in the three weeks on the road. The one hour dry cleaning service was well worth the much inflated price.

Even though I did not have a great showing with the Cowboys, I left Dallas feeling like it was a productive day. I was able to get some errands done and on the road before noon. This was a good thing because I had an 11-hour drive ahead of me to Albuquerque.

Sports Illustrated ( During the drive, I received a message from a friend that my story and blog link had been posted on Sports Illustrated’s “Hot Clicks” page. I was ecstatic to see that I was able to reach a national media outlet! The first thing I did was call my brother to have him look at it and to make sure the link to the blog worked. Word spread fast of the news and friends and family “congratulations” texts and calls followed.  This definitely helped to break up the long drive.

I assume some may wonder how received word of my trip. Actually, while in Atlanta last week, I wrote an email to Hot Clicks and its author, Jimmy Traina. However, I had not checked the site in two days, so I was unaware of my email actually making it to the web page until the message from the previously mentioned friend. The actual email is still posted and can be seen by going to this link and scrolling about halfway down the page to the “E-Mail of The Day” Section:

It is nice to see some return from the long hours that I have put in over the last few weeks. I do not want to sound like I am complaining because it is a great/fun/exciting/once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to do. I’m just saying, some of early mornings can come quick and some of those long drives can become pretty boring!

I realize I have yet to reach my goal, or really have any type of success if the measuring point is employment. But I feel I have made some good progress. However, none of this progress would be possible if I did not have the help of all of you. The support you have shown every single day is indescribable. Each day I receive a “pick-me-up” text or call, or a call from someone with a contact for me, or a place to stay, or a meal – the list could go on for days. This idea that I came up with one night while I sat in my computer room at home has evolved into a joint effort with so many people taking it upon themselves to see that we reach this goal. I struggle with attempting to find a sufficient way to repay each and every one of you. I have not come up with just the right way to say “thank you,” but I promise to give a special thank you to each person that has had any type of impact on me during this time.

As always, thanks for the support! Also, I’d like to say “thank you” to the Dallas Cowboys for such a nice time and to Sports Illustrated for helping out an avid fan!

It is off to Arizona tomorrow to see the Cardinals and then to San Diego Friday.

Take care!

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7 Responses to Day 13: “America’s Team” and a Little National Publicity!

  1. Steve S says:


    Great idea, good luck with the search. Quick note, I think you misspelled “employed” in the top right of your homepage. Did you mean “becoming an employee”?

    Enjoy the trip and here’s hoping you snag a job.


  2. Ryan Gurson says:

    Hey buddy! It looks like you had a good stop in Dallas, at the very least to get some laundry done. Ally and I wanted to let you know how happy we are for you. You are following your dream to the fullest. It is only a matter of time till one of these NFL teams see not only how intellectually gifted you are, but also what a useful commodity your knowledge and passion for the game will bring to the front office. Keep up the hard work, as we know you always have and will. We wish you only the best on the rest of your trip!
    Love the Gursons

  3. Adam Weiner says:

    I learned of you after reading “Hot-Clicks” yesterday, and I read the blog from the start of your journey. I am a young lawyer just a few years removed from law school and the bar exam. I just wanted to tell you that I admire your determiniation and ambition. Although I hope that you fulfill your dream of working for an NFL team, in the event that you do not, you will be a successful attorney if your passion, drive and ambition shown in this task are applied as an officer of the court. I am happy for you that you got the publicity from and know you will have a successful future. You are definitely an inspiration to many new graduates across the country. Good luck!

    • cmcgaha says:

      Thanks a lot for the comments. I really appreciate the kind words. I believe hard work will get anyone where they want to be, which I’m sure you have experienced as an attorney. The fact that you took the time out of your busy schedule to read the entire blog and then also make a comment says a lot about the type of person you must be. Good luck in your career!

  4. Janeen says:

    Keep your dream going and thanks for taking me along for the ride. I look forward to each day of reading what you wrote on your blog.


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