Day 12: New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Channel 39 News


Note: I did not take this picture. I do not possess these type of skills.


New Orleans Saints: After my stay in the “haunted” hotel, I headed to the New Orleans Saints facilities to meet the World Champions. I’ll have to admit, it is cool to hear them answer the phone, “World Champion New Orleans Saints, how may I assist you?”   

Although the World Champions attempted to assist me, I was unsuccessful in my attempts to reach Laura, whom is the lone person in charge of hiring. I was told by the administrative assistant, Charlene, that Laura was at the stadium and would not be available to meet with me. But Charlene did compliment my “very nice” resume and my efforts to find employment. She was then kind enough to give me the contact information of Laura and insisted that she would pass along my materials to Laura once she came back to the office.   

After leaving the facilities, I sat in my Aveo and sent Laura an email detailing my arrival. My hopes were that I could make enough of an impression that Laura will remember my name in the future. After the Saints, it was a 6 hour trip to Houston to see the Texans.   

Houston Texans: My relentlessness paid off with the Texans. I left multiple messages and was fortunate enough to receive a call back from Jeanette, Human Resources Manager for the Houston Texans. She listened to what I had to say on the phone and even asked me about positions I was pursuing. I had previously applied for a Personnel position with the Texans, in June, so I mentioned those efforts as well. Jeanette then told me that she would be glad to meet me in person when I arrived at the Texans facilities!   

Upon my arrival, I walked into the revolving front door and headed to the second floor, where the Texans offices are located. Jeanette was notified of my arrival and then met with me to discuss the Houston Texans and their employment opportunities.   

I told Jeanette I was attempting to make a name for myself and she assured me that I was successful in doing just that. She told me she would certainly remember me in the future. She also informed me that the Texans were fully staffed in the areas I was interested but that many times positions become available during the season. Jeanette stated that if a position became available for which I would be a candidate she would be sure to call me. It was great to feel so welcomed by such an honorable organization. The help and kindness offered by Jeanette was a microcosm of the entire Houston Texans organization and also the Houston community.   

KIAH Channel 39 TV in Houston: While I was driving from New Orleans to Houston I received a call from Kristy, the Assignments and Planning Editor for Channel 39. She told me the news station had an interest in my story and was curious if they could meet with me to conduct an interview. After settling on a time and place, I met Damian outside of Reliant Stadium, the Houston Texans facilities. Damian set up a camera and then proceeded to ask me questions about my journey. He was curious as where the idea came from, where to and for how long I would be traveling, and also the reception I had received from the different organizations, along with other things. After telling him about how nice the Texans had just treated me, Damian began telling me how helpful the organization is and the type of respect the Texans have in the Houston community. I could not have agreed more with this assessment. Following the interview with Damian, he then took a few shots of me walking up to Reliant Stadium, walking into the front doors, and also a shot of my resume. I assume the woman working the front desk just inside the revolving door thought it was strange for me to be making laps around the door. I then had a few more moments of conversation with Damian about his desire to work in sports, namely the NBA, and then was back in my car to head towards Dallas for the evening. The story aired on the 9 o’clock news in Houston last night. I am working on getting a link to the story to post on the blog; I’ll keep everyone updated.   

I could not be more appreciative to the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Channel 39 News for the help and support they offered me. Charlene, with the New Orleans Saints, went out of her way to give my information to Laura, the Saints Human Resources Coordinator. Further, Jeanette, Human Resources Director for the Houston Texans, seemed absolutely swamped with things to do but still took the time to meet me and shake my hand. Finally, the publicity offered by Channel 39 is a prime example of the type of people that the City of Houston has to offer.  Thanks again to these wonderful organizations!   

It was a great Tuesday!

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6 Responses to Day 12: New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Channel 39 News

  1. Sean 40in40 says:

    good for you and best of luck…oh and have a hell of a time.

  2. Amanda Kopetsky says:

    Chris, this all just so incredible and I have been reading every day of your whereabouts. Because of you and the inspiration you gave me to think outside of the box, I have an interview Friday and have a few good leads. I am very proud of you and all of your hard work. I’m praying for you and I truly believe your time is coming. Be safe on the road! Have a WONDERFUL Thurday!!

    • cmcgaha says:

      Good to hear from you again, Amanda. I really do appreciate your enthusiasm and support! I hope things are going well in your new city. Stay in touch!

  3. This a fabulous post and may be one that should be followed up to see how things go

    A close friend e-mailed this link the other day and I’m excitedly waiting your next post. Continue on the terrific work.

  4. Discovered your blog via yahoo the other day and absolutely like it. Continue the good work.

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