Day 11: A Day of Travel/Bourbon St.

Monday was simply a travel day. I stopped at the post office in Tallahassee to send some thank-you cards and then headed towards New Orleans around 10a.m. The trip is about 6 hours long and Pensacola Beach is about the half-way point.

So, of course, I took a bit of a detour and went to look at the Gulf of Mexico. After spending about a half hour there, I headed out to finish the second half of my trip to New Orleans.

Once I checked in I made phone calls to teams that I will be visiting this week. Also, I sent out a number of emails to each Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliate in each city I will be visiting this week. Further, I emailed the ESPN Radio shows (Mike and Mike, The Herd, Doug Gottlieb) and the local ESPN affiliates for each city. I am really trying to work these avenues in hopes of creating as much buzz as possible.

After doing a little “homework,” I set out to get something to eat on Bourbon Street, which my hotel was a half block away from. I had a great Po-Boy sandwich at Oceana, a place just down the street from my hotel, Prince Conti Hotel. I also found out that the bar connected to the Prince Conti Hotel, along with many other surrounding buildings, is haunted. Unfortunately, I did not see or hear anything crazy, outside of guests going to their rooms at all hours of the night.

I am off to visit the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans today and then will be spending the evening in Dallas. I’ll keep you posted on my experiences!

Thanks for the support!

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