Day 10: Who Wants Pictures?!?!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The last day of Week 2 involved a trip to Tampa to visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In my phone conversations with them earlier in the week I was told that all applicants were to submit their resumes online. As you probably know by now, these types of responses do not have much effect on me anymore. 

Staying in Orlando from Wednesday through Saturday, it was nice to only have to drive a 1.5 hours to get to Tampa. I left early Friday morning and had no problems at all making the short trip. When I arrived, I made one last attempt to speak to someone other than a receptionist for the Bucs but again only received a voicemail. The next option is the “surprise” visit that I give to the security guard at the gate. After being redirected from Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Buccaneers, to One Bucs Place, the site of the executive offices, I was greeted by a gentleman working the gate. After explaining the reason for my visit he first told me that they usually do not accept resumes in person. Then, he told me that today, Friday, may be even more of a problem because the offices were flooded with business associated with the preseason game the Bucs would be playing on Saturday. Therefore, he suggested I come back on Monday to deliver my resume. 

The problem with that suggestion is that my schedule does not have much room for change during Week 3. First, I have a couple of hotel stays that are already booked and would need to be changed. Second, a close friend is meeting me in San Diego on Thursday to take part in the California leg of the trip with me. Therefore, I elected to drive to Tallahassee Sunday night and stay with a friend, to make my Monday trip to New Orleans four hours shorter, and to apply to the Buccaneers online. This may not be the most ideal way of doing it but I did not have too many options. To be honest, I would have loved to been able to re-visit the Bucs on Monday, but after my Thursday in Miami was such a good day I did not dwell on it too much. 

My Tampa trip was not a complete failure though. I was able to score some good pictures not only of Raymond James Stadium but also of George Steinbrenner Field, which is across the street from Raymond James Stadium. 

Here ya go! (Click the photo to enlarge it): 















"That's not fair! Rizzuto's not a word, he's a baseball player!"



















I have one last treat for ya. The friend who I stayed with this weekend works for the company that is building the Amway Center, the new arena for the Orlando Magic. Therefore, I was able to get a tour of the almost finished building. 

If you look close, you can see me standing next to the center scoreboard, which has yet to be hoisted up to the roof. I was attempting to show the size of it.


This is a view from one of the suits.
This is a massive bar area that is near the suits.


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