Day 8: Hitting a Rough Patch

Jacksonville Jaguars: Today was the second day in a row that ended with me feeling like I was unsuccessful in promoting myself. After my somewhat disappointing showings in Tennessee and Atlanta, I was eager to get to Jacksonville and try to “wow” a few people. Unfortunately, I was met with a quick reality check. 

I made some phone calls to the Jaguars, both this morning and late last week, but was not able to reach anyone in the Human Resources Department. So I decided to just head towards Jacksonville and try to work the phone once I got close. I parked Ol’ Blue, my Chevy Aveo, in the parking lot outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium, EverBank Field, and gave the HR Department another call. Again, I received a voicemail message. I’ve come to learn that it is sometimes difficult to receive a return phone call after leaving a voicemail message. I’ve even tried different types of messages, trying to be creative and hoping someone will at least throw me a sympathy call, but I’ve yet to find those magic words. Therefore, I figured the next best thing would be to call the receptionist at the front desk again and ask her about the procedure for applying for employment opportunities. 

Here is a new feature I discovered on my phone today. It is a picture of the route I took from Atlanta to Orlando. I will provide an image like this each day from now on.


To my surprise, the Jacksonville Jaguars do not have an established procedure for accepting resumes from random 25 year olds who are traveling 11,000 miles to visit 32 NFL teams in a month while living on McDonald’s coffee, white cheddar popcorn, and Wrigley’s 5 Cobalt Blue chewing gum. Actually, the Jacksonville Jaguars do not have much of a procedure at all for accepting resumes, at this point. The receptionist, who was very polite and helpful, informed me that she was instructed to tell all people interested in employment that they are not currently “retaining resumes.” 

This marks the first time that a team has not accepted my resume in any fashion. In other instances, I was told that I could not deliver my resume in person, but I could mail it or submit it online at the team’s website. However, this was not the case in Jacksonville. But I do not mention this to put the Jacksonville franchise in any type of negative light. If anything, I should probably expect this from more teams. In all actuality, I am attempting to visit these teams during the busiest time of their years and when it would be expected that they are fully staffed. I have been fortunate to receive the help that I have received to this point. However, I have felt a little frustration these past couple of days. 

I am just remaining positive and reminding myself of the view I had when I began this process. Before I left Indy, I told myself that it was wishful thinking if I thought I was going to get an immediate job offer from this trip. The point of this trip is to plant a seed with these teams and to get a few people to say/know my name, in hopes of them remembering me in the future. Under those expectations, I would say it has been a success to this point. 

I have used this week to try to explore different avenues of promoting myself and my idea. I have sent various emails, to the Office of Professional Development at IU-Indy Law School, to, and to various radio stations,  and I have also been attempting to reach teams and players through Twitter (Shameless plug – highways2succes [note, just 1 “s” on the end of “succes”]). I think next week I need to continue the things I’ve done but I also need to try to push for more meetings with representatives from HR Departments. Nothings compares to a handshake when it comes to networking and making connections. 

On deck for tomorrow, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins. 

Thanks again for the support! 



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