Day 7: PRACTICE?!? We talkin’ about PRACTICE?!?

Tennessee Titans: Tuesdays must be the day for team practices that are open to the public. My morning began as I left the hotel in Opryland and headed off for Nashville. I was a little unsure of how my stop with the Tennessee Titans would go but eager to try to make it two good days in a row.

I had previously called the Titans last week to tell them of my arrival and to find out if I would be able to drop off my resume. They told me I could leave it at the front desk. The woman on the phone also told me there was a practice at Noon that was open to the public. I had forgotten about the open practice this morning but was quickly reminded when I entered the lobby. The man working the desk had many telephone calls and visitors in the few quick moments I was there. As I began to tell him about my journey to every NFL team, he grabbed a post-it notepad and had me write down when I wanted him to relay to the HR Department. Another man standing at the desk heard me tell the beginning of my story and began to ask more but his attention was quickly diverted by another guest in the lobby. Nevertheless, I thought it was thoughtful of the man behind the desk to offer me a post-it notepad he could have easily dismissed what I was saying and simply attended to the other priorities going on at the same time. After writing two post-it notes worth of things I thought were important for the HR Department to be told, I thanked the man working and headed out the door. I thought about sticking around for the team practice but thought it would be best for me to stay on schedule and head to the Atlanta Falcons facilities.

Atlanta Falcons: I headed to the Atlanta Falcons training facilities and administrative offices with a bit of uncertainty. During my phone conversation with a member of the Human Resources Department last week I was told that my best option for submitting a resume is to submit it online at the Falcons website. I explained to her my goal of hand delivering a resume to each team and she stated that I could give it to the receptionist but that this may not be the most efficient way of seeking employment with the Falcons.

However, as stated in earlier posts, the goal is 32 teams and I am at least going to make an attempt to deliver my resume. On my way from Nashville to Atlanta I made another phone call to the Falcons to double-check that I had the correct address. This phone call did not end as well as the last. The receptionist basically told me that, unless my name was on a list, I would not be able to gain access to the facilities because they are a closed organization. I started to wonder if I should even attempt to visit the Falcons, or whether I should just head to my hotel and get some work done for the rest of the week. I then remembered the success I had with the New York Jets and thought I may be lucky enough to have the same success in Atlanta. I was correct!

Did I get to hand deliver my resume to the Atlanta Falcons? No! But did I get to the training facilities just in time for the start of the Falcons/Patriots joint team practice? You betcha!! The practice was open to the public so I quickly parked my Aveo and headed inside. I figured this would not be the proper time to try to give my resume to any representative of the Falcons as their attention was most likely directed toward the practice. However, on my way in I scoped out the security at the gate to try to decide whether coming back tomorrow would be beneficial. Based upon the previous two telephone conversations and that there was only an intercom at the gate, not an actual person working in a security booth, I made an executive decision to send my resume both online and through snail mail.

But, I did get to watch two hours of practice up close involving two teams that should battle for their respective division titles. I figured I broke even for the day and I’ll just have to hope for a bit more positive end to the week.

Below are a few more pictures from the practice. You should be able to click on them to make them larger. The Patriots are on offense and the Falcons on defense.

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