A Little Inspiration

While I was driving last Friday I caught an interview with Jets owner Woody Johnson. He was asked about Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan claiming the Jets are “going to the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl” and whether Mr. Johnson applauded this kind of swagger or whether the remarks gives the Jets owner any pause.

His answer, “I really do applaud it. It’s nice to tell everybody, but if you’re a leader, part of leadership is telling everybody where you are going to go…I think if you have a lot of confidence, and if you’re directed toward a specific goal, there is nothing wrong with talking about it and being confident in achieving that.”

I think anyone can apply this mentality to any goal, big or small. To me, it really rang home in relation to the hesitation I sometimes feel when I begin to tell someone that I want to ultimately be a General Manager in the National Football League. I think a lot of this hesitation comes from the fact that there are only 32 of those GM positions in the world. But ultimately, why not? What’s a goal if you’re going to sell yourself short?

Just a little something to chew on.

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