Day 4: So you only got to talk to a receptionist?


I set out today under the assumption that my chances of meeting with with someone other than a receptionist were slim to none. I was right. BUT, I learned this really does not matter at all.  My first  stop (which also turned out to be my only stop) was with the New England Patriots. On Wednesday, I spoke with a very nice woman on the phone and informed her I would be arriving on Thursday. She seemed a little hesitant, assuming because the Pats had a preseason  home game against the Saints today, but nonetheless she told me where to go to drop off my resume. After finally reaching the administrative offices, a process which at one point I found myself riding an employee shuttle bus into Gillette Stadium, I met the front desk assistant. She was swamped with messages and phone calls, mostly all related to the game tonight. She said, “you can try,” when I asked if she had a minute for me to explain what I was doing. I lucked out to have the phones stop ringing long enough to tell her my story. Her response, “that’s the coolest thing I’ve heard all day.” After some additional conversation she said she’d try to help me out by personally giving my resume, cover letter, etc. to someone in HR by the end of the day and making sure they looked over it. This was a huge achievement based on her statement that the team is constantly receiving applications and resumes, so many that it is not even possible to make follow-up calls.

This is some of the best help I’ve received and it came from a source that I would define as unlikely before today.  It definitely provided me more confidence that these long hours in the car and early mornings are going to get me where I plan to be. Who knows if I will luck out and find a job from this journey. However, it is a guarantee I’m going to keeping working hard to land that elusive position and this is just the first step towards that goal.

Huge day tomorrow: Jets, Giants, Eagles, Skins, Ravens, then off to Carolina for the weekend.

As always, thanks for all the support!!!

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2 Responses to Day 4: So you only got to talk to a receptionist?

  1. M dizzle says:

    I still like that you were on the employee buss….hahaha. You should have just started going to work, become a familiar face, then approached HR and said, “I think they forgot to send my paycheck…can you help me out with that?” You’d manipulate your way into a job no problem! Perhaps make that plan B.

  2. Josh Hershfield says:

    dude, you are awesome, best of luck with this.
    When I graduated college as an athletic trainer, I typed a personal letter to the GMs of every single NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB team in North America looking for a job (no computer back then to do quick edits!). The result was a cool binder with rejection letters from most of them and a lot of autographs of famous people, but it was fun. I did end up working in Major Junior Hockey for a couple years.
    Anyway, have fun, when you get to Seattle feel free to email, Starbuck’s on me!

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