Days 2 & 3: “They better not let you out of Indy…”

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, I was unable to connect to the internet on Tuesday evening. Here is a recap of the things I’ve experienced the last two days.

Tuesday: After staying on track Monday, Tuesday was the exact opposite. It started when I leaving from Lansing, MI to Cleveland, OH and I realized I had miscalculated how long that trip would take me by an hour. So from the start I was playing catch up. Upon arrival to Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, a security guard informed me that the Browns offices were located at their practice facility. Since the Stadium is the same address I sent the Power Point and Informational Flyer to, that meant the Browns did not receive any of that information. So, I found random Staples just outside of downtown Cleveland and printed off another Flyer and burned another CD with the Power Point on it. (While waiting, a woman asked me where the binders were located and I had to tell her that I did not work at Staples but that I’ll take it as a compliment to my attire). After finally arriving in the correct place in Cleveland, and now 4 hours behind schedule, I walked up to the front desk in the lobby to discuss my journey but was told by the man working that he did not have the time. (Understandable because of the timing of my arrival coinciding with training camp). I finally made it to Pittsburgh that evening, but had to push the Steelers visit back to Wednesday.

Wednesday: A little discouraged, I headed to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sports Training Center. I was greeted with the warmest reception yet. The man working the front desk, Ty, and another man standing at the desk were very interested when I told them my plans of traveling to all 32 NFL teams to deliver my resume. After telling them I was from Indianapolis, Ty responded, “What you’re doing is real ambitious. They better not let you out of Indy.” I can only hope by the time I reach Indy that they see my ambition as something of value to add to their team. After my detailed discussion I headed to my car in the best mood yet. Just as I reached my car, the two gentlemen came outside and yelled for me to come back. They wanted to offer the advice of calling ahead to the HR Departments of each team and trying to set up a meeting to discuss what I was doing, instead of just dropping the cover letter and resume off at the desk. I took them up on that advice and called the Buffalo Bills on my way out of Pittsburgh.

In Buffalo, I was fortunate enough to meet with a representative of the HR Department. The meeting was quick, but I was able to introduce myself and explain my story. This capped off the good feeling I had experienced all day long.

I’m now in Seekonk, Massachusetts, just up the road from Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots. I attempted to call the Patriots, Jets, and Giants about setting meetings with HR reps but my first calls did not sound promising. Hopefully my charm can change that today when I make a follow-up call.

Thanks for your support!

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One Response to Days 2 & 3: “They better not let you out of Indy…”

  1. Sarah says:

    Good luck, Chris! Your determination is great, best of luck to you.

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