Day 1: Cincinnati and Detroit

Well, I completed the first day and I was fortunate enough to stay on schedule. The morning started out a little hectic when I realized my cover letters for both the Bengals and Lions had typos on them. But after finding a Staples in downtown Cincinnati, I was able to have the mistakes fixed without much hassle. I’m just glad I noticed it before it was too late.

I’ll admit, I was nervous walking into the Offices of each team. I’m still a little unsure of how I will be received and whether the idea will be taken seriously by the different organizations I visit. I just keep faith that hard work and determination will pay off.

In both stops today I spoke with secretaries at the front desk, which I assume will probably be the norm, at least in the early parts of the trip. The secretaries were very receptive of the idea and said they would pass the packets along to the proper persons. A difference between today and the rest of the trip is that Cincinnati and Detroit had no notice of me coming to their offices.

I created both a Power Point presentation and an Informational Flyer which I sent out to each team on Saturday (a link to these two items is on the right-hand side of the home page). The two items describe my trip and tell the teams of what day I will be stopping in to drop off my resume and cover letter. However, I was not able to send these items to the teams I visited today due to time constraints. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if there is any different type of reception from the teams who receive the informational flyer and Power Point before my arrival.

On a related note, today I received a response from Buddy Nix, General Manager of the Buffalo Bills. The Bills received the Informational Flyer and Power Point which I sent out over the weekend. Unfortunately, the Bills are not available to meet with me upon my arrival, but it is great to see that the information is reaching the intended people and teams are taking me serious.

Tonight consists of hanging with family in friends in Lansing, Michigan, and then it is off to Cleveland and Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Please ask any questions you may come across! Thanks for all the support!

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