The Final Itinerary

Highways to Success Itinerary

Let me first start this blog by updating the current status of the trip. After recently completing the Bar Exam, I worked hard to tie up all the loose ends. I have booked the hotel rooms, made arrangements to stay with family/friends, and picked up a rental car. There is no turning back at this point!

I am uploading the itinerary with this post. I want to say “thanks” in advance to the family and friends who were kind enough to allow me to sleep on their couches. Out of the entire trip I will only need to stay in a hotel 6 nights.

I am looking forward to this adventure but at this point a little anxiety is beginning to set in. It is off to Cincinnati and Detroit in the morning!

Click the link above to see a PDF of my many stops.

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7 Responses to The Final Itinerary

  1. Buddy Nix says:

    We regretfully inform you that we will be unavailable to meet
    with you in Buffalo on the date you will be here. Best wishes
    for future success.

  2. Ashley Shive says:

    Hey Chris! I admire your ambition and wish you the best of luck! I think this is a great idea! Hope something works out for you!
    Best of luck to you and have fun!

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Awesome idea Chris. May consider starting a Twitter account too. Follow all of the NFL teams and individuals related to them, in hopes that they’ll follow you as well. Mention them (using @theirname, if you aren’t familiar with Twitter) throughout the journey to keep them up to date on your status. This has help a number of people get jobs, or at least be noticed.

    Here’s a list of some of the teams and their accounts.

    Best of luck. Let us know how to help!!


  4. Jaclyn says:

    Here’s another good list of Twitter accounts, with the actual account posted!

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