First Post!

This is officially my first blog post! I would like to direct any viewers to the “My Story and Idea…” tab to get the full story behind this blog. My idea is still in the works as I try to find time to work on the idea when I am not studying for the Bar Exam. One of the major hurdles for me to cross is me running the idea past my Dad. He will probably tell me I’m crazy, but hopefully he understands it is madness with a purpose.  Either way, I just hope he supports me enough to allow me to get rid of my truck, because his name is on the title!

On another note, I am attempting to come up with creative ideas on how to raise some money for this “employment trip.” Any suggestions are definitely welcomed! 

Check back for more information, including my scheduled route, places I’ll be staying along the way, and photos and stories from each stop!

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